Monday, April 16, 2012


Hi all its always good to paint with oils, it is better to hold a brush and do something stupid or crazy with it than doing nothing^^. Here are two oilpaintings I did in the last two weeks, The top one is a picture of an tree I saw during a walking threw the woods, its a 50x20cm oil on canvas, took me about 2 and a half hour to get it finished what make me happy because right now I am getting more and more confident with my skillset and color mixing technique. Best book for that is btw "Color and Light" from James Gurney, helped me a lot. The other painting is also not that big and took me I think 4 to 5 hours, a little bit longer for a weaker outcome, but it was fun to train in the direction of adding points of oilcolor to get some nice colortransitions together. After all both of them are nice and it was fun to paint them, even if I think that "got lost" need some overworking, maybe in the summerbreak or something but not in the next weeks I want to paint some other stuff first ^^. Have a great day all and be happy with painting.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mastercopy Jeremy Lipking

I love Lipking because he is not just a great craftsman, he also have a beautiful sense for everything that is going on in the face and in the gesture of a body and I want some of his greatness also in my work in some places. So I am happy that he produced such good art as seen here, so I can copy it ^^. Have a great day you all out there.